What We do

We position our student athletes for success.

84% of our athletes are awarded a collegiate athletic scholarship. The national average is only 2%. 

We Build Champions

For 27 years our athletes have been "running towards success."  Our student athletes are persistent, resilient, possess grit and are more likely to achieve positive outcomes. They engage in positive reappraisal, finding meaning and benefit in the adversities of daily life while building better cultures, stronger communities, careers and outcomes.    

We Win

A  success in our program yields an athlete  who appreciates and applies a strong work ethic. In addition our athletes have enhanced time management skills and increased levels of academic and athletic achievement. A successful Speed T&F athlete is a good sport, who respects himself/herself and others. They show a decreasing level of "victim mentality" and help others  facilitate achievements by being an encourager. 

We Encourage, Educate and Equip

Speed T&F athletes train with a powerful belief in their self-efficacy, their ability to perform. At Speed T&F we know that what we believe becomes the foundation of all we will ever achieve. Our athletes possess a sincere appreciation for discipline and believe that by doing the work, properly designed with clarity and focus each performance will grow dramatically better and eventually reach the highest levels and ultimately achieve great performance!

"The mentorship my son received through Speed T&F had immediate and positive impacts, from improving his timeliness and organization, to bolstering his self-confidence. In his senior year of high school, he competed at State in both track and cross-country, served as his class vice president, won the State DECA competition, and finished third internationally in the DECA franchising category. His self-assurance, garnered in Speed T&F, translated directly to improved leadership skills and the composure to communicate in front of large groups of people. The fact that my son started winning races after his Speed T&F involvement was a nice morale boost, but secondary to the character development he experienced in the program. My only regret is that I wish my wife and I had heard about the Speed T&F program earlier and enrolled our son sooner." 

- Jeffrey Huisingh  Ph.D